Application Schedule

Application TypeOpen DateClose DateDocumentation
Capital Assistance12/03/201803/20/2019Capital Assistance Application - Quick Guide
Milestones for Capital Applications
Transit Capital Program Prioritization - Technical Documentation
Useful Life Chart
VW Public Transit Electrification Project Funding Application
VW Public Transit Electrification Project Supplemental Fleet Data Spreadsheet
Demonstration Project Assistance12/03/201802/03/2019 
FTA Section 5303 - Metropolitan Planning Program02/01/201905/24/2019 
FTA Section 5310 - Operating and Mobility Management Projects12/03/201802/03/2019RTAP Annual Training Projection
FTA Section 5310 Enhanced Mobility of Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities Program12/03/201802/03/2019RTAP Annual Training Projection
I-95 Hotlanes - Capital12/03/201802/03/2019Help Document
I-95 Hotlanes - Operating12/03/201802/03/2019Help Document
Intercity Operating and Capital Fund12/03/201802/01/2019Program Guidance
Notice of Funding Availability
Sample - Local Resolution
Mid-Cycle Grant ApplicationOngoingOngoingProgram Guidance
Mobility Programs12/03/201803/06/2019 
Operating Assistance12/03/201802/28/2019Help Document
2018-Fall OLGA Operating Application How To Use Your Own GL Accounts
Crosswalk for Grantees
Public Transit Employee Protections AKA Section 13c - To be completed by 5311 subrecipients only
RTAP Annual Training Projection
Public Transportation Internship Program12/03/201802/03/2019 
Rail Enhancement Fund12/03/201802/01/2019Program Guidance
Help Document
BCA Manual
BCA Model
Rail Industrial Access12/01/2015 Program Guidance
Help Document
Project Scoring Sheet
RIA Application
RIA Program Highlights
Rail Preservation Fund12/03/201802/01/2019Program Guidance
Help Document
Certification Letter
Sample Locality Letter
Rural Transportation Assistance ProgramOngoingOngoingRTAP Program Scholarship Guidelines
Senior Transportation12/03/201802/03/2019 
Small Urban Training ProgramOngoingOngoingProgram Guidance
Help Document
Small Urban Training Scholarship Program Guidelines
TDM Operating12/03/201803/06/2019 
Technical Assistance12/03/201802/13/2019