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Meeting Materials
Grantee Workshop 2016 Presentation

Grantee Workshops: TDM and Planning - Fall 2015

Commonwealth Transit Funding - Fall 2015 - PowerPoint presentation

Deobligation Module Training - October 28, 2015

--- Fall Grantee Workshop Webinar Recording Not Available ---

Final Fall Grantee Workshop presentation 2014 (AI)

Final Fall Grantee Workshop presentation 2014 (Finance & PT)

Federal Documents
FTA Master Agreement - October 1, 2016
Buy America Handbook January 2017

Guidance Documents
Program Application Guidance
Grantee Handbook
State Travel Regulations
Buy America Final Policy Guidance

Transit Asset Management (TAM) Plans
Goal Letter
TAM Plan Webinar
TAM Plan Webinar Presentation
TAM Plan Goals 01-01-17
TransAM (Transit Asset Management System) Webinar

Other Information
TDP Guidelines